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CTJ Designs Jennifer Luitwieler's "Seven Days in May" Book Cover

CTJ Designs Jennifer Luitwieler’s “Seven Days in May” Book Cover

In February, I designed the cover of Jennifer Luitwieler’s new book, a novel titled Seven Days in May. Unfortunately, I did not draw the marvelous map of Tulsa that adorns the cover. That’s an authentic work from 1918. My biased review of the book is up at Amazon here. Buy the book, and follow Jennifer...
CTJ Designs Inexplicable "Sock Monkeys Licking Wallpaper" Graphic for

CTJ Designs Inexplicable “Sock Monkeys Licking Wallpaper” Graphic for

My friend Jackie asked me to draw “sock monkeys licking wallpaper,” and since there was a paycheck involved, I didn’t ask any questions. It was like working for the mafia. I sketched the basic image out at a meeting during work (as always), and then created about 3 different drafts of the final graphic at...