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IMAGE Essay: "The Disrobing Trees" + The Radiohead/Plato Paper I Mention Therein

IMAGE Essay: “The Disrobing Trees” + The Radiohead/Plato Paper I Mention Therein

The Disrobing Trees Today on IMAGE Journal’s “Good Letters” blog, you can read my latest essay, “The Disrobing Trees.” In the essay, I briefly allude to a paper I wrote in graduate school while sitting in front of a window that allowed me to observe a tree undergo its annual autumnal transformation. Below—for better or...
Sock Monkey: "Sock Puppet Murder Manifesto" EP (Free MP3 Download)

Sock Monkey: “Sock Puppet Murder Manifesto” EP (Free MP3 Download)

Danny J. Gibson and I wrote and recorded this together in one day in the summer of 1999 at his parents’ house in Meadville, MO. It is absolutely terrifying. We were both 20 at the time. Danny created the art for this cassette-only release, which was only reproduced twice – once for me, and once for...
My Elliott Smith Cover: "Stained-Glass Eyes" (New FREE MP3)

My Elliott Smith Cover: “Stained-Glass Eyes” (New FREE MP3)

My new friend Ben Chlapek inspired me to record an Elliott Smith song. I’ve long loved his unreleased “Stained-Glass Eyes,” and thought it would be fun to record. It was, as it turned out. Fingerpicked guitar, double-tracked vocals (per Elliott’s example), and an organ flesh out the soundscape. Nice and simple. Hope you enjoy it. It...