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"To Be Born Again": In Touch Magazine's First Graphic Essay

“To Be Born Again”: In Touch Magazine’s First Graphic Essay

In Touch magazine recently published its first graphic essay, and I wrote it! Jeff Gregory illustrated it. Read it here!
CTJ's In Touch Series: "Wholly Scripture: Confessions of a Wayfaring Reader"

CTJ’s In Touch Series: “Wholly Scripture: Confessions of a Wayfaring Reader”

In 2015, I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover for the first time. I did so believing I’d probably read most of the text over the course of my life in piecemeal form via personal devotionals, sermons, and Sunday school lessons. To my surprise, I discovered quite a few things in scripture that...
Read CTJ/Saint Upid's Writings

Read CTJ/Saint Upid’s Writings

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