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Living Fossils: New IMAGE "Good Letters" Blog Essay

Living Fossils: New IMAGE “Good Letters” Blog Essay

My latest essay for IMAGE Journal‘s “Good Letters” blog at is now live. Read it here. It’s about found treasures (vinyl ones—not golden ones, all you Spanish explorer wanna’bes!), underground ’80s Christian pogo-punkers Undercover (see below), the extinction of dinosaurs and record stores alike, coelacanths, and a little local flavor in the form of...
The Tragicomedy "La Femme": FREE Album & "Behind the Music"-esque Retrospective

The Tragicomedy “La Femme”: FREE Album & “Behind the Music”-esque Retrospective

ABOUT “LA FEMME”: Tracks 1-9 were produced by Scott Patterson. Tracks 10-12 were recorded live at the Nu Brew Coffeehouse in Springfield, MO by Bryan Carlstrom. Tracks 13-15 were recorded as demos to cheapo boombox by one Chad Thomas Johnston. All lyrics and music were written by Chad Thomas Johnston except 1) “Grace” (Lyrics/Music by...
An Open Letter to Everett True: 5 Songs from the Boy Who Listened to "Nerdvana"

An Open Letter to Everett True: 5 Songs from the Boy Who Listened to “Nerdvana”

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I originally posted this piece on January 9, 2012. On April 1, I received a tweet from Everett True regarding this piece. It said, “I reckon we should reprint that on Collapse Board. what d’ya think?” He posted the article on the evening of April 2 here. At the top of the piece,...