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Download CTJ's Free 35-Song Anthology: "Source Materials & Sorcerer Materials"

Download CTJ’s Free 35-Song Anthology: “Source Materials & Sorcerer Materials”

DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE, OR USE THE WIDGET ON THE SIDEBAR!  A hearty thanks to the following people for inspiring me to assemble this musical madness: Ben Chlapek, for making a mix of only my songs for his friends a few months back, even if it meant they might all (Gasp!) unfriend him on Facebook....
"Like Friends Becoming Lovers" b/w "All Her Colors" (Virtual 7") FREE MP3s

“Like Friends Becoming Lovers” b/w “All Her Colors” (Virtual 7″) FREE MP3s

Here are two more songs from the vault. Enjoy the free MP3s. Sleeve art by Chad Thomas Johnston. Drawn during a (you guessed it) meeting at work. “Like Friends Becoming Lovers” – Written and performed by Chad Thomas Johnston. Produced by Matt Fillingham. Like Friends Becoming Lovers by Saint_Upid “All Her Colors” – Lyrics by...