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Book Review: Elizabeth Esther's "Girl at the End of the World"

Book Review: Elizabeth Esther’s “Girl at the End of the World”

I read this book in two days. I never read anything in two days—not ever. I am a tortoise of a reader, trudging along the highway with innumerable hares haranguing me as they hurry past me. Most books take me weeks or months to mull over. As a writer, I am also pretty pokey. But...
Book Review: Katherine Willis Pershey's "Any Day a Beautiful Change"

Book Review: Katherine Willis Pershey’s “Any Day a Beautiful Change”

The best memoirs seem to spring from the fingers of writers who have an excess of something-or-rather in their lives. This excess begs to overflow the confines of their hearts and minds, and spills onto blank pages in the form of words that feel undeniably alive. Anne Lamott, in writing the transcendent Traveling Mercies, overflowed with rugged...