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Rubblebucket Tours for "Omega La La" LP, Sings Omega Lullabye for Evie

Rubblebucket Tours for “Omega La La” LP, Sings Omega Lullabye for Evie

I was already off work this week, attempting to help the wife keep our almost 3-week-old daughter from sabotaging sanity and sleep alike, but it was Rubblebucket that really made my week. It’s one thing to take perverse joy in the knowledge that your coworkers are handling all the “TPS reports” without you, and another...
Now at Prime Parents Club: CTJ's Review of Rubblebucket's "Omega La La" LP

Now at Prime Parents Club: CTJ’s Review of Rubblebucket’s “Omega La La” LP

My review of Rubblebucket’s new LP, Omega La La, is now posted on the Prime Parents Club Web site. Check it out here. I will be publishing a bimonthly music review column on this site called Somewhere Over the Audio Rainbow. A Teaser for You … Thanks to Rubblebucket, my daughter Evie will hear rainbows long...