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Read CTJ/Saint Upid's Writings

Read CTJ/Saint Upid’s Writings

My Honorable Mention Essay in Belle and Sebastian’s “Write about Love” Contest, January 12, 2011   The Star-Lassoer: An Interview with V2/Bella Union Artist Stephanie Dosen, February 13, 2011   Music Review: Rubblebucket “Omega La La” Somewhere Over the Audio Rainbow, Prime Parents Club, July 8, 2011   Music Review: SPIN Magazine’s “Newermind: A...
Marcia Epstein Interviews CTJ on

Marcia Epstein Interviews CTJ on

In 2014, I realized that if God found it necessary to rest on the seventh day of creation—literal, figurative, or otherwise—I might do well to take a few deep breaths, too. That being said, last year I resolved to slay fewer word dragons, eased up on my overeager social media output, read more (I even finished Dune,...