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"At the (Topeka) Zoo" Video

“At the (Topeka) Zoo” Video

This weekend, Becki, Evie, and I ventured to the Topeka Zoo. I realize it is much smaller than the Kansas City Zoo, and thereby less thrilling. But we thought Evie might not be ready to handle anything more epic than the Topeka Zoo. At ten-months-old, she is still limited in her ability to endure prolonged...
"Like Friends Becoming Lovers" b/w "All Her Colors" (Virtual 7") FREE MP3s

“Like Friends Becoming Lovers” b/w “All Her Colors” (Virtual 7″) FREE MP3s

Here are two more songs from the vault. Enjoy the free MP3s. Sleeve art by Chad Thomas Johnston. Drawn during a (you guessed it) meeting at work. “Like Friends Becoming Lovers” – Written and performed by Chad Thomas Johnston. Produced by Matt Fillingham. Like Friends Becoming Lovers by Saint_Upid “All Her Colors” – Lyrics by...