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The Prayer Chain "Shawl" Vinyl/Concert Fundraiser/The "Eric Campuzano Attic Tape" Bootleg

The Prayer Chain “Shawl” Vinyl/Concert Fundraiser/The “Eric Campuzano Attic Tape” Bootleg

KICKSTARTER: SHAWL DOUBLE VINYL & LIVE CONCERT The Prayer Chain is fundraising on Kickstarter to release their album, Shawl, on double vinyl, and to provide a concert experience for fans (i.e. for me!). As of this writing, they’re almost 75% funded, but they need your help! So go here and fork over your hard-earned dead...
Living Fossils: New IMAGE "Good Letters" Blog Essay

Living Fossils: New IMAGE “Good Letters” Blog Essay

My latest essay for IMAGE Journal‘s “Good Letters” blog at is now live. Read it here. It’s about found treasures (vinyl ones—not golden ones, all you Spanish explorer wanna’bes!), underground ’80s Christian pogo-punkers Undercover (see below), the extinction of dinosaurs and record stores alike, coelacanths, and a little local flavor in the form of...
"Everybody Talkin' But Me (I'm Yelling)" A Record by @Saint_Upid (33 & 1/3)

“Everybody Talkin’ But Me (I’m Yelling)” A Record by @Saint_Upid (33 & 1/3)

This actually happened last night. Listen and lament. Feel sorry for my poor wife, who has to live with me. As if it’s not rough enough being pregnant …   Everybody’s Talking But Me (I’m Yelling) by Saint_Upid